Interwine Roadshows In China 2018
Interwine Roadshows In China 2018




About Interwine Roadshows 

Pioneer of Professional Roadshows in China wine market.

Interwine Roadshow is one project of Interwine Group ,who created the wine City Roadshows from first line Cities to sencond as well as third line cities since 2010 in China. Till today, we had successfully organized 182 Roadshows in different cities in the past 7 years and helped a lot of the wine importers to develop the whole Chinese wine market successfully.


The Most Professional and Largest-scale Roadshows In Chinese wine Market.

Interwine Roadshow is the largest-scale Roadshow in China. More than 60 exhibitors in each city will participate in this kind of roadshow in each City we have attended and hosted more than 60 exhibitors. More and more distributors come to visit our amazing wine tasting.


Expansion to second and third-tier cities market

We help our exhibitors to expand through the national market for the mainland and northeast cities. We had developed and organized lots of Roadshows to second and third-tier cities.


Inviting local distributors

We are connected to wine associations, mass media and other organizations on different cities and we have invited between 300-1000 local distributors. We organized Master class, sommelier competitions and other exciting activities very popular and highly recognized by local distributors.


Roadshow Details


Organizer:Canton Universal Fair Group Co. Ltd(Interwine Group )


CO-organizers:local parters of Interwine Group in different Cities and local Medias.


Roadshow exhibitors:Wineries, wine importers  from China/Asia 


Roadshow Visitors: 300-1000 Local importers ,distributors, wholesalers ,Restaurents and group  buyers  distributors on each show 


Roadshow Scale: over 60 exhibitors on each show


Roadshow Location: five-star hotels in different cities


Roadshow Hours:13:30pm to 17:30pm

(In some cities, time is from 10:00am -18:00 pm) .Check the list of cities in detail)


Booth: one desk (1.8 meters in length)


Equipment: Company name signboard, Professional wine glasses, water, ice, ice bucket and spit bucket


Membership Price: Us $1000/city show;  Non-Membership Price: Us $1500/city show


Participation Requirements:

  1. Participants must be the wineries or Importer ,the importers should produce copies of business licenses or other associated certificates.

  2. Interwine Main Fairs exhibitors who booked at least total of 18M2 from “Interwine Beijing 2018 +Interwine  Guangzhou 2018”can enjoy Membership price, otherwise non- membership will be applied.


Value-Added Service:

  1. Exhibitors will be given 1 free page advertisement in Roadshow catalogue.

  2. Exhibitors should provide us logo in vector draw format.

  3. Exhibitors should provide correct company name both in Chinese & English.

  4. Exhibitors can access visitor information of this Roadshow, but not allowed to share with Non-exhibitors.




 Nationalwide cities 

Remark: ★ means cities that didn’t  host Roadshow in 2018



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Contacts us

Canton Universal Fair Group Co. Ltd.

Contact :Lisa Shen    




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