Interwine: "Big Booth" Reserved for Moldovan Wine's "Big Plan"

To be frank, all our editors were gladdly surprised when we learned that Moldova's National Office for Vine and Wine (NOVW) has placed a booth reservation of a 108 sqm exclusive space for the upcoming Interwine exhibition.


We can't help wondering, what is Moldovan wine's "big plan" for the November event ???




Moldova: A Bunch of Grapes on Map


A glimpse on an European map would easily reveal that the country of Moldova is rightly in a shape of a bunch of grapes.

To further affirm God's love, Moldova enjoys favourable climatic and geographic conditions for viticulture as well as the nurturing of a millennal winemaking history. Both international and indigenous varietals have found success in this land of heritages and legends.

Native varietal: Fetească Albă. With a long history, it is known for freshness and floral aroma.

Native varietal: Fetească Neagră. Originated from south-western region, it has complex flavors of forest fruit and wild cherry.

Native varietal: Rară Neagră. Fresh and soft, with notes of dry fruit and vanilla.


Heritages and Legends of 5,000 Years

Tsar Alexander II of Russia was known as a big fan of Moldovan wines. Tsars after him maintained the tradition of serving it during royal celebrations.


Moldova boasts a winemaking history of five millennium. It is the oldest wine-producing country among the five co-founder countries of International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). Its history has been dotted with legends related to its vines and wines.


During Stefan the Great’s rule, a big army of Tatars besieged Soroca fortress for several months. The fighters in the fortress, being short of food and water, were losing their forces and their hope every day. Out of a sudden, flocks of white storks appeared above the fortress, bearing in their beaks bunches of grapes, which they let fall inside the citadel. The grape berries helped the fighters regain their forces and morale, and obtain victory. Since then, the stork has become the symbol of Moldovan wine, being featured in its official logo.

Official logo of Wine of Moldova: a stork with grapes in its beak


Pride of Moldova: World's Largest Cellars

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Molvoca's Milestii Mici Cellar is the world's largestunderground wine cellar with a 200 km tunnel and a wine collection of over 2 million bottles. Cricova Winery is the second largest cellar in the world.

In Milestii Mici you have to drive ... just to reach your stock, or you'll be easily lost inside the maze of 200 km

A wine collection of two million bottles!


Today this ancient land of vine is fast modernizing itself to bring its wine heritage to a new height and tap into the international market. Thanks to its premium quality and reasonable pricing, 80% of Moldovan's wine is now exported to East and West markets. 




Now we have every reason to look forward into Moldovan wine's "big moment" at Interwine